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AC Forte Liquid

Protected organic acids for poultry

Acidifiers are either single weak acid or a mixture of several different weak acids. Multi-acid products are a combination of two or more acids. The combination could be two or more organic acids, or phosphoric acid with one or more organic acids. Multi-acid products decrease pH more effective without the negative impacts of odour and taste associated with using large quantities of a single acid.

Some benefits of an acidifier:

Acidifier lower the pH of feed, water, the upper portion of animals(such as the crop and gizzard in poultry and stomach in swine) or the pH within the cell of acid-intolerant micro-organisms. An acid environment results in:

  • Decreased mould growth In feed
  • More effective disinfection of water supply
  • Reduced lime scaling in water lines
  • Improved digestion of proteins by young animals or birds
  • Reduced numbers of human bacteria in the gut
  • Replaced antibiotic growth promoter

Selecting an acidifier:

There are not enough data to make detailed recommendations regarding the use of specific acidifier. Use common sense and follow these general guidelines.

  • Decide why you want to use an acidifier. Is it for feed preservation, improved growth of your livestock, disinfection of your water supply, diseases prevention or prevent the spread of food borne pathogens?
  • Decide what the final pH of your water supply or feed will be?
  • Do not lower the pH below 4.5 check the pH regularly with a pH meter or with litmus paper that is calibrated to measure this pH level
  • Check the pH and buffering capacity of your water supply or feed. These tests can be easily done in laboratories that test feed and water
  • Ask the laboratory to perform a titration with your chosen acidifier
  • Make sure the product you are interested in only contains weak acids
  • Weak acidifiers are nutrients reformulate diets accordingly. Organic acids will provide energy, and phosphoric acid is a source of phosphorus. Low buffering capacity diets may be preferable.
  • Consider conducting a trial in your production system. Make sure you set up a study so that results are objective and valid. Only objective and valid results can contribute to your decision about whether to use these products. Ask your nutritionist, veterinarian for tips on how set up a trial to yield meaningful results
  • Develop written operating procedures for safe use of acidifies, including procedure checklists. Acidifiers are finding on important place in poultry management today. With increase infections, cross contamination and susceptibility to diseases the farmer has a challenge to keep his flocks free from diseases and infections.

Ac forte liquid is an effective acidifier designed to mitigate the problems at the form level


  • Ammonium format
  • Ammonium propionate
  • Formic acid
  • Lactic acid

Key indication:

  • The product has been designed to ensure that salmonella inhibition is maximum
  • Ac forte liquid can help to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in gut
  • It can be also helpful to inhibit the growth of mold
  • The active ingredients ensure that re-contamination does not take place


THROUGH FEED: dosage recommended for effectiveness is 500 ml to 1 liter per ton of feed depending on the situation. Use as a fine spray mist to obtain maximum coverage.

 THROUGH DRINKING WATER: 0.2 ml-0.3 ml/liter.


Keep away from sunlight

On contact with eyes flush eye with water

On ingesting seek medical attention

All acids are hazardous. Never mix acids with products that contain chlorine.

Only weak acids should be used as a feed supplement for livestock.