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Calci ++

Calcium phosphorous liquid with vitamin D3 vitamin B12


Each 5 ml contains:

Calcium gluconate           : 400 mg

Phosphorous                 : 200 mg

Vitamin B12                      : 10 mcg

Vitamin D3                        : 600 IU

Cobalt                                : 20 mg

Choline chloride             : 500 mg


Improves growth, Prevents rickets, Prevents cage-fatigue, Builds resistance, improved bone formation, prevents leg-weakness, improves quality of egg shells, prevents prolapsed and cannibalism, reduces calcium deficiencies in pregnant and lactating animals, improves milk yield, prevents milk fever.

Dosage and administration:

Through drinking water.

Chicks: 10ml/100 birds for 4-5days

Grower: 20 ml/100 birds for 4-5days

Layer: 25 to 50ml/100 birds for 4-5days

Calf and sheep: 25 ml twice a day for 4-5days

Horse and cattle: 50 twice a day for 4-5days


500 ml, 1 liter and 5 liters