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Easy and effective solution against coccidiossis in poultry


Each liter coccistop-L contains totrazuril 25gm

Feature and Benefits:

  1. Coccistop-L is extremely wide spectrum and effective against all coccidian parqasite
  2. Coccistop-L comparative safe
  3. Coccistop-L Easily soluble in drinking water
  4. Coccistop-L stable in drinking water a and can be used with other feed additives
  5. Coccistop-L has no interference with natural immune development
  6. Coccistop-L has no negative effect on body weight gain and FCR

Mode of action:

Coccistop-L induces changes in the fine structure of coccidian development in intracellular stages by swelling of endoplasmic reticulum and of the Golgi apparatus and to abnormalities in the perinuclear space, disturbances in nuclear division of coccidian parasite.

Dose and Administration:

1ml of coccistop-L/lit of drinking water for two consecutive days above dose should be repeated after five days for better result.


  • Coccistop-L should not use with Vit b complex
  • Coccistop-L withdrawal period is 14 days

Presentation: 100ml