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Build Golden Immune Defense!

Keep Viral Infection Away

Feed Additive, Water soluble brownish granular powder

COMPOSITION: Each gm contains Echinacea Extract 250mg.

Active Ingredients:

Polysaccharides, Alkamides  , Echinacoside , Cichoric acid , cynarin , polyphenol , Essential oil ,Polyethyne and Alkaloid , In addition with Vit A , Vit E , Vit B complex , Vit K , Zn and Fe

Main Function:

  • Stimulate the development of immune system; improve the cellar and humoral immunity.
  • Stimulate the secretion of IFN _y and IL, inhibit the replication of virus, and prevent the outbreak of viral diseases.


  • Used to increase the antibody levels and get better immunity after vaccination.
  • As an aid in the prevention and treatment of Avian viral diseases like IBD , ND , AI ,etc
  • Prevent the outbreak of swine fever, swine fever flu, PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome), and PCV (porcine circovirus) effectively.


  • For adjuvant therapy of viral disease: 100g to 150L of water or 100 kg of complete feed for 5-7 days
  • For use in broilers / meet duck /turkey : 100 g to 200L of water after vaccination ; or use at 1-3 days old and once every 10 days after that 3 days as administration time .
  • For layers / breeders: use 3 days every months, or after vaccination. 100g to 200L of water


  • Store at a dry and cool place of under 25~c. protect from light , high humidity and high temperature may cause caking problem , but will not affect the function .

Packing: 1000g of PE jars 6 jars per carton.