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Composition: Each gram Mycogard contains

  1. Tiamulin hydrogen Fumarate 450mg
  2. Oxyteytracycline HCI 10mg
  3. Bromohexin                            2mg

Features and benefits:

  • Mycogard is unique preparation to treat mycoplasmosis and other concurrent infection of poultry
  • Tiamulin and tetracycline act synergistically
  • Mycogard is easily soluble and stable in drinking water
  • Mycogard minimize respiratory difficulties immediately through relaxation of air passes
  • Mycogard is well tolerable
  • Mycogard is well absorb and rapid action through oral administration

Mode of action: Tiamulin act on 50s and tetracycline on 30s ribosomal subunit of microorganism and inhibit chain formation and inhibit protein synthesis.

Indication: Treatment and control of Mycoplasmosis and other bacterial infections of poultry like

  • CRD
  • C .CRD
  • Pneumonia
  • Salmonellosis
  • Arthitis
  • Sinusitis


  • Mycogard should not use with lonopore antoccoccidial drug like maduramycin,salinomycin,etc
  • Using with erythromycin and tylosin may decrease efficacy of Mycogard

Dose and administration:

  • For treatment: 25-50 mg/kg body weight or 1 gm Mycogard 5-6 liter of drinking water
  • For control: 1gm Mycogard per 10 liter drinking water

Presentation: 100gm sachet