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Super Mix


Enrofloxacin HCL                                                   2.5%

Ciproflaxacin                                                          7.5%

Colistin Sulphate                                                    0.25%

ADVANTAGES:  The unique combination of super mix offers unparallel benefits of

  1. Unique drug compatibility with least residual effect
  2. Fast acting
  3. Prolonged activity
  4. Least withdrawal period of 3-5 days
  5. Most economical


For Control: 1ml/1lit first 2 days and 1 ml/2lit next 3 days

For short fall in egg production:

1ml/1lit first 3 days, 15th, 16th,29th and 30th day

For CRD Prevention:

Broilers: 1ml/2lit first 3 days and 1ml/4li ,8th,9th,10th,15th,16th and 17th day

Layer commercial/Breeders:

1ml/2lit first 3 days and 1mi/4lit 2 days every alternate week between 2-20 weeks


Anti-bacterial combination having a mega spectrum activity against the most commonly found bacteria  and  myco –bacteria in poultry.

Super mix is recommended for various poultry diseases like Mycoplasmosis ,Ecoli,Coryza,Fowl,cholera,salmonellosis,etc. Against all gram positive and gram negative organisms and mixed infections.

Packing: 100ml, 500ml and 1 liter